When you first start the game, the first character you'll meet is Horse Off-Course. They guide you through the basics of the game and appear at the end of every race that you've lost to give you pointers. To skip through that, press the 'X' button on your 3DS.

Tutorial/Beginning dialogue--

"Hi there! Nice to meet you. Let me tell you a bit about this game. This game is a mash-up of a racing game and a solitaire game. Kind of. To put it plainly, as you play solitaire, a horse will race on-screen...Yeah. Well, it's a game... Woo-hoo! Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Horse-Off-Course. No, really...Of course. That wasn't much of an explanation, so you might need help on the way. But I'll come out now and then to help you--don't worry! Without further ado, let's play! Ooh, a stylus will come in handy to play this game. Please get one ready. A stylus. Okay! See you later! Touch the bottom screen to start!"
Once you've chosen your gender for your character and named them, you'll be taken to race that your character had just finished.
This is the protagonist- Whose name is _______. _______ is a jockey. A jockey is someone who rides horses professionally in races. But unfortunately, _______ has just lost a race. So get a better horse! Enter a bigger race! That would be ideal, but... As you can see, _______ is still a rookie. So let's start with the smaller races, and gradually gain experience. First and foremost, to enter a race you must find a Trainer who will agree to put you on a horse. It all begins there. Oh, look! How convenient. A Trainer is coming this way. Ask him to give you a horse to ride, so you can enter a small race and win your way up the ranks. Eventually, maybe you could enter big races like the Royal Derby, or the All-star cup... Good luck!
Mr. Maekawa is the trainer in this game.

  • y/n: Sir, I'd like to win the Derby. Please put me on a sure-win horse.
  • Maekawa: ...If I had a horse like that, my life would be so much easier.
  • y/n: So there isn't one?
  • M: ...Not exactly.
  • y: So there is one.
  • M: ...In the stable next door.
  • y: Next door!? Get out of here!
  • M: Ha ha ha! You're a funny kid, _______. See ya.
  • y: Wait, wait, wait! Sir! Come on, please give me a horse! Any one will do!
  • M: Oh, all right... Before that, why don't you go Train a bit?
  • y: Eh, I've got to train?
  • M: Of course you do. How do expect to win the Derby if you can't even train properly?
  • y: All right. Easy as pie.
  • M: Easy as pie, huh... I wouldn't be so sure if I were you.
  • y:
  • M: Enough with the Derby already... Go to the menu, and select Train, all right?


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